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Encyclopaedias > Better ornaments than Encarta

I must admit, I was a bit of a nerd growing up. One of the things I loved doing was pulling out my Atlas to check out the world, (Did you know the capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City?) and I would pick one of the volumes of my World Book Encyclopaedia and randomly open … Continue reading

Jersey Shore > Gold Coast?

I’ve always thought there’d be a market for a trashy Australian version of Jersey Shore. Get the Greeks together in Melbourne’s Chapel Street for a show called Chap Laps, or the Lebanese in Parramatta for a series named Church Street, or follow the Brazilian tourists in Sydney’s east and dub it Bondi Babes. But there’s … Continue reading

Perth > The Real Housewives

I like to think my taste in television is broad to reflect the depth of my personality. Sky News Australia, BBC World News, Bloomberg, CNBC and Sky News Business are constantly on, but I also need some downtime. For example, last night, after watching the brilliant Once Upon A Time in Cabramatta on SBS, I … Continue reading

Dang! > Wendy Deng not real

I knew it was too good to be true. Rupert Murdoch and wife Wendy Deng both on twitter within days of each other? Twitter has admitted that it mistakenly gave pie jumper Ms Deng’s account the coveted blue tick which verifies accounts. The blue tick was removed within hours. But around 10,000 followers joined Wendy … Continue reading

Twitter > Is it yours or your boss’?

If I ever leave SBS, I’ll be taking my twitter profile with me. I like to think that while SBS gives me an amazing profile and platform, my twitter followers follow me because of the brand that I’ve built as a business journalist throughout the years and my friends follow me, because, well I’m interesting… … Continue reading

Paywalls > Did the AFR overcharge?

How much would you pay to access news on the internet? That’s the question most publishers are grappling with at the moment, and one which the Australian Financial Review had to re-evaluate. The Fin, as we biz journos affectionately call it, has slashed the price it charges for access to its website. Admittedly, it was … Continue reading

Channel Nine > Where are the wogs?

I applaud Channel Nine for launching a number of new locally produced television shows for 2012. It’s good for the Australian industry, the local economy, and good for viewers. One of them is a series called, Tricky Business. I don’t really know much about it so far, expect the Channel Nine website, describes it like … Continue reading

Newspapers > A dying breed?

So I’m unlikely to ever buy a newspaper ever again. I’ve given in and jumped onto the iPad bandwagon, downloaded the free news apps from various television networks, and more importantly subscribed to digital services from traditional print publications like The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph just to name a few. My world … Continue reading

Fairfax 7?

As a journalist and someone that breathes the media 24/7, I probably think any media story is a big general news story. But this week, boy oh boy, hasn’t it been big for media? Probably one of the biggest shake ups, was the resignation of John Hartigan at News Limited. I’ve never met the guy, … Continue reading