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Minties > From hard to soft

There are some foods which remind me of my childhood. Pickled onions, polenta mixed with cabbage and broadbeans, carne vinho e alhos (translated as pork, wine and garlic) and Minties. There’s only one in that list that I’d eat right now if it was to be put in front of me. No, it’s not the … Continue reading

Draw Something > Earn $200m

I found out about Draw Something on Facebook. One of my mates, Dimitri, uploaded some stills of the games he was playing, and they appeared in my news feed. It caught my attention. Then, almost like wildfire, more and more people started saying they were playing the game on Facebook. Now, he game, designed for … Continue reading

Datsun > It’s making a comeback

The first car I ever learned to drive in, was in our family beige Datsun 200B. It really was a magnificent car. A massive steering wheel. Beige interior. Faux woodgrain finishes. That heavy metal exterior. They don’t make cars like they used to. While we had the car until around the early nineties, Nissan decided … Continue reading

Bonds > Free Birthday Tee Campaign

Bonds has come up with a pretty interesting marketing campaign which caught my attention. It’s giving away 15,000 personalised t-shirts with birthdays printed on them and in all, more than 35,000 free or discounted tees. It’s part of what Bonds is calling the “Birthday Project”. It wants to find one person born, every day from … Continue reading

Ericsson > You’ll be missed

My first ever mobile phone was shared with my mum. I think I was just starting high school, and it was an Ericsson G628. It was one of those brick phones with an antenna and more importantly, it had a face plate which you were able to change to suit your style. Hot. Thinking back, … Continue reading

Kodak > No Oscar Winner

Welcome to the 2012 Academy Awards, live from the Twitter Theatre. This year’s Oscar nominees will walk the red carpet of the Vanilla Coca-Cola Theatre. Doesn’t sound right does it? For 10 years now, Kodak has held the naming rights to the hall where Oscar winners are recognized for their contribution to the movie industry. … Continue reading

An Apple a day > Makes a healthy profit

I didn’t have to buy an iPhone 4S. My 3GS was still working, even if itsĀ  battery wasn’t as powerful as before, and its screen would fade to black on occasion. It was still working, plus, I’ve got a European holiday I’m saving for, and a mortgage to pay. So in my head, I thought, … Continue reading

Costa Concordia > No Carnival

The Costa Concordia disaster off the coast of Italy poses an interesting question; how do you rebuild a brand when safety is an issue? The parent company of the capsized ship, Carnival, saw its share price slump almost 17 per cent in the UK overnight. The company says lost earnings from the disaster may cost … Continue reading

Australia > The New Vegemite

We’re happy little Australia’s as bright as bright can be. We all enjoy our Australia’s for breakfast, lunch, and tea. It doesn’t have the same ring to it hey? But the guys at Kraft are hoping that by renaming “Vegemite” as “Australia”, it’ll give the iconic Aussie spread a new audience. Kraft is building a … Continue reading

Dang! > Wendy Deng not real

I knew it was too good to be true. Rupert Murdoch and wife Wendy Deng both on twitter within days of each other? Twitter has admitted that it mistakenly gave pie jumper Ms Deng’s account the coveted blue tick which verifies accounts. The blue tick was removed within hours. But around 10,000 followers joined Wendy … Continue reading