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Commodore 64 > Creator dies

MEconomicsMOpinion When Steve Jobs died, there was a mass outpouring of grief for the man who introduced Apple to the world. And while I’m an Apple user, it wasn’t my first experience with a computer or game console. The first piece of computer equipment my family owned was a Sega Master System II. The one … Continue reading

Minties > From hard to soft

There are some foods which remind me of my childhood. Pickled onions, polenta mixed with cabbage and broadbeans, carne vinho e alhos (translated as pork, wine and garlic) and Minties. There’s only one in that list that I’d eat right now if it was to be put in front of me. No, it’s not the … Continue reading

Monorail > End of the line

So when was the last time you popped into Darling Harbour and jumped on the Monorail? You know, that small train in the sky that circles the western part of Sydney’s CBD and Darling Harbour stopping at hotspot tourist destinations like, um, World Square. Ok, to be fair, it does hit Harbourside and Paddy’s Market. … Continue reading

Encyclopaedias > Better ornaments than Encarta

I must admit, I was a bit of a nerd growing up. One of the things I loved doing was pulling out my Atlas to check out the world, (Did you know the capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City?) and I would pick one of the volumes of my World Book Encyclopaedia and randomly open … Continue reading

Sydney Cycling > The onus is on the rider

I’m a regular user of Sydney’s Bourke Street cycle path that stretches from Redfern to Woolloomooloo. In my opinion, it’s added to the uniqueness of what I think is Sydney’s most beautiful street. Granted, I never really jumped onto a bike until I moved close the path, but once I did, it really has changed … Continue reading

Bonds > Free Birthday Tee Campaign

Bonds has come up with a pretty interesting marketing campaign which caught my attention. It’s giving away 15,000 personalised t-shirts with birthdays printed on them and in all, more than 35,000 free or discounted tees. It’s part of what Bonds is calling the “Birthday Project”. It wants to find one person born, every day from … Continue reading

Airlines > On A Budget

I must admit, that when I fly domestically, I’m more of a price driven consumer. I’ll often pick the cheaper option, usually between Virgin or Qantas. But when it comes to long haul flights, Qantas is my preferred choice. I try to reward myself with an overseas holiday once a year. For the past three … Continue reading

Ericsson > You’ll be missed

My first ever mobile phone was shared with my mum. I think I was just starting high school, and it was an Ericsson G628. It was one of those brick phones with an antenna and more importantly, it had a face plate which you were able to change to suit your style. Hot. Thinking back, … Continue reading

Solariums > Fading away

Sydney’s chances of luring the Jersey Shore crew to our fair city over the Gold Coast has been quashed, with the state government’s decision to ban solariums from 2014. Gym, fake tan, laundry anyone? Yesterday, the NSW government agreed to introduce new laws banning ultraviolet solariums tanning units from December 31 2014. The Opposition wants … Continue reading

Australia Day > From Ricardo, to Richard, to Ricardo

31 years ago today, I was born to a wonderful Portuguese immigrant family, in a hospital in Wollongong on the South Coast of New South Wales, with a full birth name of Ricardo Jorge Goncalves (Jorge, pronounced George, not Hor-hay). But, despite the very, very Portuguese name, I’m as Aussie as they come. As we … Continue reading