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We’re going to Ibiza > Whoa, because it’s cheaper

So I’m in the process of finalising my accommodation for my European trip for later this year (#euro12) and let me tell you, I was astounded at how much accommodation and flights cost… in a good way. We’ll be travelling all around the Mediterranean, but let’s take our flight from Barcelona to Mykonos for example. … Continue reading

An Apple a day > Makes a healthy profit

I didn’t have to buy an iPhone 4S. My 3GS was still working, even if itsĀ  battery wasn’t as powerful as before, and its screen would fade to black on occasion. It was still working, plus, I’ve got a European holiday I’m saving for, and a mortgage to pay. So in my head, I thought, … Continue reading

Australia Day > From Ricardo, to Richard, to Ricardo

31 years ago today, I was born to a wonderful Portuguese immigrant family, in a hospital in Wollongong on the South Coast of New South Wales, with a full birth name of Ricardo Jorge Goncalves (Jorge, pronounced George, not Hor-hay). But, despite the very, very Portuguese name, I’m as Aussie as they come. As we … Continue reading

Jobs > Falling, but is everything that bad?

One of the biggest signs of a troubled economy, is that of rising unemployment. While, Australia’s unemployment rate is probably one of the healthiest in the world, there’s signs it’s about to get worse. Just before lunch time today, we’ll get the official labour force numbers. Currently, our jobless rate stands at 5.3%. But job … Continue reading

La Nina > Finally winding down

There’s a number of reasons why Australia’s retail sector is struggling, stemming from the popularity of online sales, to rising rents and low consumer confidence. La Nina is another. It’s a weather event which is typically associated with above average rainfall and below normal daytime temperatures during much of the summer. The unseasonal weather has … Continue reading

Jersey Shore > Gold Coast?

I’ve always thought there’d be a market for a trashy Australian version of Jersey Shore. Get the Greeks together in Melbourne’s Chapel Street for a show called Chap Laps, or the Lebanese in Parramatta for a series named Church Street, or follow the Brazilian tourists in Sydney’s east and dub it Bondi Babes. But there’s … Continue reading

Costa Concordia > No Carnival

The Costa Concordia disaster off the coast of Italy poses an interesting question; how do you rebuild a brand when safety is an issue? The parent company of the capsized ship, Carnival, saw its share price slump almost 17 per cent in the UK overnight. The company says lost earnings from the disaster may cost … Continue reading

Ties > Necessary at work?

Yes, sometimes television newsreaders do wear shorts when they’re presenting the news. But, if there is a special interview on set, make no doubt about it, there’ll be pants on, or at the very least jeans. I’ve let the secret out of the bag because of an interesting article in the papers on the weekend, … Continue reading

White collars > Stained jobs

If you thought landing or more importantly keeping a job in the media was hard, spare a thought for what could be a tough year for white collar professionals like bankers. ANZ is set to slash as many as 1,000 jobs this year according to Fairfax. The Finance Sector Union has already been warned about … Continue reading

Skyscrapers > Where are Sydney’s?

For the past few years, I’d look at the beautiful Sydney skyline and think that it looked basically the same as it did, say five years ago. The same buildings. The same towers. No new skyscrapers. But it’s that very sameness that may have helped Australia’s economy avoid the global recession that it looks like … Continue reading