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Commodore 64 > Creator dies

MEconomicsMOpinion When Steve Jobs died, there was a mass outpouring of grief for the man who introduced Apple to the world. And while I’m an Apple user, it wasn’t my first experience with a computer or game console. The first piece of computer equipment my family owned was a Sega Master System II. The one … Continue reading

China > Looking elsewhere?

MEconomicsMO Has Australia rested on its laurels for too long? During the global financial crisis, Australia’s economy defied the global trend, continuing to grow, as the world watched with envy. Australia’s interest rates were among the highest in the world, as our resources sector propelled our economy, despite signs other sectors, like retail and manufacturing … Continue reading

Instagram > Instant US$1billion

MEconomicsMO Anyone who thinks they can’t make money during the global economic slowdown only needs to look at Instagram to see that they’re wrong. Instagram is a photo-sharing application. At it’s simplest, it can be used to take a photo with a smartphone, then apply a filter to transform the image, such as a black … Continue reading

$A > Why the sudden decline?

MEconomicsMO So I may have a vested interest in seeing the Australian dollar stay strong. No, it’s nothing sinister. I’m heading to Europe later this year, so I want value for money. Over the past few days, the Australian dollar has fallen against most of the major currencies, including the Euro and the US dollar. … Continue reading

RBA > Waiting for inflation

MEconomicsMO> So, the Reserve Bank has left interest rates on hold once again, at 4.25 per cent. But the odds are it will have to cut next month, giving Tresurer Wayne Swan a welcome pre-budget present. Most of the data leading into the RBA’s decision today pointed to a softening economy. Earlier this week, building … Continue reading

Minties > From hard to soft

There are some foods which remind me of my childhood. Pickled onions, polenta mixed with cabbage and broadbeans, carne vinho e alhos (translated as pork, wine and garlic) and Minties. There’s only one in that list that I’d eat right now if it was to be put in front of me. No, it’s not the … Continue reading

BMW > 1.3m cars recalled

I’m a Honda Civic Sport driver, so it doesn’t affect me, but if you’ve splurged on a BMW 5 or 6 series, then you might want to think about getting it checked out. The German carmaker has issued a recall of all BMW and 6 series cars, made between 2003 and 2010. The recall is … Continue reading

Monorail > End of the line

So when was the last time you popped into Darling Harbour and jumped on the Monorail? You know, that small train in the sky that circles the western part of Sydney’s CBD and Darling Harbour stopping at hotspot tourist destinations like, um, World Square. Ok, to be fair, it does hit Harbourside and Paddy’s Market. … Continue reading

Draw Something > Earn $200m

I found out about Draw Something on Facebook. One of my mates, Dimitri, uploaded some stills of the games he was playing, and they appeared in my news feed. It caught my attention. Then, almost like wildfire, more and more people started saying they were playing the game on Facebook. Now, he game, designed for … Continue reading

Datsun > It’s making a comeback

The first car I ever learned to drive in, was in our family beige Datsun 200B. It really was a magnificent car. A massive steering wheel. Beige interior. Faux woodgrain finishes. That heavy metal exterior. They don’t make cars like they used to. While we had the car until around the early nineties, Nissan decided … Continue reading