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Bonds > Free Birthday Tee Campaign

Bonds has come up with a pretty interesting marketing campaign which caught my attention. It’s giving away 15,000 personalised t-shirts with birthdays printed on them and in all, more than 35,000 free or discounted tees. It’s part of what Bonds is calling the “Birthday Project”. It wants to find one person born, every day from … Continue reading

$69,170 > Australia’s average wage

It’ll come as no surprise to learn that on average, miners are the best paid in the country. The Australian Bureau of Statistics today released its average weekly ordinary time earnings report, which showed a 0.5 per cent increase in the December quarter. The guys at CommSec took a closer look at the data, and … Continue reading

Airlines > On A Budget

I must admit, that when I fly domestically, I’m more of a price driven consumer. I’ll often pick the cheaper option, usually between Virgin or Qantas. But when it comes to long haul flights, Qantas is my preferred choice. I try to reward myself with an overseas holiday once a year. For the past three … Continue reading

Ericsson > You’ll be missed

My first ever mobile phone was shared with my mum. I think I was just starting high school, and it was an Ericsson G628. It was one of those brick phones with an antenna and more importantly, it had a face plate which you were able to change to suit your style. Hot. Thinking back, … Continue reading

Whitney > Houston, we have 25 hits

At the peak of her career, Whitney Houston had a $100million contract with record label Arista and was able to earn $30million a year touring. But before her death, rumours surrounding her financial troubles swirled, as her net wealth drastically dwindled. No doubt, money will now be made as music lovers reflect on her career … Continue reading

NAB > Promise kept

It looks like NAB has kept its promise to have the lowest standard variable interest rate of the big four banks this year. Today, it became the last of the four to lift rates despite the RBA leaving the official cash rate on hold last week. ANZ will officially hike on 17th February, but from … Continue reading

Rates > Even chance of a 10bps rise

The Reserve Bank’s decision to keep interest rates on hold would have you believe the big banks have been let off the hook. Many of them cried poor as higher wholesale funding costs squeezed their margins. ANZ just a few months ago, went one step better, explaining the composition of its funding base, detailing how … Continue reading

A$ > 6 month high despite falling rates

Here she goes again. The Australian dollar hit a six month high while you were asleep and is now close to US$1.08. The catalyst? Better than expected jobs numbers in the US and optimism surrounding a possible deal on the Greek debt crisis. The Aussie usually does well when there’s good news about the global … Continue reading

Solariums > Fading away

Sydney’s chances of luring the Jersey Shore crew to our fair city over the Gold Coast has been quashed, with the state government’s decision to ban solariums from 2014. Gym, fake tan, laundry anyone? Yesterday, the NSW government agreed to introduce new laws banning ultraviolet solariums tanning units from December 31 2014. The Opposition wants … Continue reading

Kodak > No Oscar Winner

Welcome to the 2012 Academy Awards, live from the Twitter Theatre. This year’s Oscar nominees will walk the red carpet of the Vanilla Coca-Cola Theatre. Doesn’t sound right does it? For 10 years now, Kodak has held the naming rights to the hall where Oscar winners are recognized for their contribution to the movie industry. … Continue reading