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Dang! > Wendy Deng not real

I knew it was too good to be true. Rupert Murdoch and wife Wendy Deng both on twitter within days of each other?

Twitter has admitted that it mistakenly gave pie jumper Ms Deng’s account the coveted blue tick which verifies accounts. The blue tick was removed within hours.

But around 10,000 followers joined Wendy Deng before the mistake was made.

What’s concerning here, is that the man who set up the account, was tracked down in the United Kingdom, and told the Guardian Newspaper, that he wasn’t contacted by Twitter before the social media platform awarded the account verification. It makes me wonder just how many other ‘true’ twitter accounts out there are not ‘real’.

A fortnight ago, a fake ‘official’ 7 Network account was set up. It gained attention by tweeting Channel 9’s Wendy Kingston sending online lips wagging. All it took was for 7’s Director of Social Media, Adam Boland to be notified about this account, and within minutes he announced that it had vanished. But it did amass a number of followers. On this occasion though, the account wasn’t verified by twitter.

In the meantime, you can be heartened by the fact that @rupertmurdoch really is Rupert Murdoch, tweeting about the FOX movies he’s watching and his political view points.

There’s also some very interesting grammatical errors (OK, so I’m not perfect either, so sue me.) and some curious mistakes, like what seems to be a tweet mentioning opinionated personality, Andrew Bolt.

For the record, my account, @ricardoSBS, hasn’t been verified by twitter, but it really is me… or maybe I haven’t been contacted because I’m not high profile enough. SIgh.




One thought on “Dang! > Wendy Deng not real

  1. 180,000 followers and massive media regurgitation of a non-story regarding the verification of a virtual identity – why are people so fascinated by the Murdochs joining Twitter? And what does Murdoch hope to gain from tweeting spelling mistake-riddled, dull as ditchwater tweets to the public? He must be a sucker for abuse.

    Posted by Kate | January 4, 2012, 10:55 am

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