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Newspapers > A dying breed?


So I’m unlikely to ever buy a newspaper ever again.

I’ve given in and jumped onto the iPad bandwagon, downloaded the free news apps from various television networks, and more importantly subscribed to digital services from traditional print publications like The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph just to name a few. My world will never be the same.

With my years working in the fast paced environment of Sky News, there was this notion almost, that the newspaper was yesterday’s news. Of course, being a breaking news service, we were more interested in the news that was happenin, not of what has happened. Plus it was too much effort to find a copy of the paper in the newsroom, as it is with many other newsrooms.

These are interesting times for print publications. The Australian reports that Sydney Morning Herald Monday to Friday year on year sales are down around 7 per cent, while The Australian has lost more than 2 per cent.

The Australian online has also recently constructed a pay wall, as media companies decide how the best way to make money on line is.

We also saw the Fairfax family sellout of the very business it founded, while I get the feeling Telstra is looking to expand in the online space, with the creation of Telstra Digital Media this week.

With so much content online though, it has now become imperative that news publications develop and look after their brand. It will be their brand that the reader or consumer connects with as they try to narrow down where they source quality information. This is equally important for journalists who need to build their own profile and credibility as the number of bloggers skyrockets.

Television news is also evolving, as the tv world moves into a cross-platform world to become more efficient and productive. But that’s a whole other topic altogether.

In this changing world, I see the newspaper as becoming a luxury product, maybe something I pick up on the weekend for a leisurely read spread out on the beach on in a park.

Right now, of course they have a place in this world, but one day, in the same way many of us are in awe of those that use digital tablets, we’ll be in awe of the special commodity that the newspaper will become.

* This is my first blog written on my iPad.



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