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Paywalls > Did the AFR overcharge?

How much would you pay to access news on the internet? That’s the question most publishers are grappling with at the moment, and one which the Australian Financial Review had to re-evaluate. The Fin, as we biz journos affectionately call it, has slashed the price it charges for access to its website. Admittedly, it was … Continue reading

Airlines > Another hits turbulence

Want more proof the airline industry is changing and that if these companies don’t restructure and move with the times then they’ll fail? American Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection overnight. Business file for Chapter 11 when they’re unable to service or pay its debt. The debtor then remains in contour of business operations … Continue reading

Rising rents > Blame Zara

If you think you’re paying too much rent, spare a thought for some of our retailers. Property services company, CBRE says Melbourne has witnessed the third-fastest growing retail rents in the world, just behind Hong Kong and Beijing. Prices have surged just over 32 per cent in the year to September. In comparison, residential rental … Continue reading

Rates > Down down?

There is certainly a shift in views of the interest rate environment. Earlier in the week, the guys at JP Morgan reviewed their position, and are calling for three more rate cuts over the course of the year, expecting the next one to come in next month. It’s a sentiment shared with Bill Evans at … Continue reading

Channel Nine > Where are the wogs?

I applaud Channel Nine for launching a number of new locally produced television shows for 2012. It’s good for the Australian industry, the local economy, and good for viewers. One of them is a series called, Tricky Business. I don’t really know much about it so far, expect the Channel Nine website, describes it like … Continue reading

Coles/Woolies > Baking the competition

Call me a tight-ass, but when I buy my bread, I store it in the freezer for a longer shelf life. Maybe it’s habit because that’s what my old folks use to do when I was very young, given bread is a staple in a European diet. Or maybe it’s because I’m single and live … Continue reading

Arbitration > Is Qantas headed that way?

It’s been 21 days since Qantas resumed flying following that dramatic grounding over its dispute with the unions. But the two groups need to come up with an agreement today. Qantas this morning, said it’s hopeful of a resolution, while the unions say the current deal goes backwards five months. So here’s, the deal. The … Continue reading

Newspapers > A dying breed?

So I’m unlikely to ever buy a newspaper ever again. I’ve given in and jumped onto the iPad bandwagon, downloaded the free news apps from various television networks, and more importantly subscribed to digital services from traditional print publications like The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph just to name a few. My world … Continue reading

Pay > Are you average?

We’re all curious at how much other people get paid, and where we stand in the scheme of things. So here it is. The average wage in Australia is $68,790. Do you now feel better or worse? The Australian Bureau of Statistics published its Average Weekly Earnings series which showed pay rose 1.2 per cent … Continue reading

Free iPod nano

Nope, it’s not a scam. Apple is sending 1st generation iPod nano owners a brand new iPod music player, because the original is faulty. The computer company has launched its iPod nano replacement program, because it found, in very rare cases, that the battery in the 1st generation of the music player may overhead and pose a … Continue reading