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We’re all curious at how much other people get paid, and where we stand in the scheme of things. So here it is.

The average wage in Australia is $68,790.

Do you now feel better or worse?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics published its Average Weekly Earnings series which showed pay rose 1.2 per cent in the three months to September. For the year, wages are up 5.3 per cent.

The mining boom is skewing the result, with male earnings continuing to grow at a faster rate than females. In fact, men are pulling in more than $13,000 per year more than women.

As CommSec notes, the mining boom has employees in Western Australia as the highest paid, but the average wage in the Northern Territory has now surpassed New South Wales.

The highest average wages include, mining ($112,392), scientific and technical services ($81,817) and information media and telecommunications ($80,855). The lowest was in the accommodation and food sector ($49,878).

The guys at CommSec reckon that this disparity may continue because of the industrialisation of emerging economies like China and India. They’ll continue to drive our resources sector and have a major impact on the shift in labour demand.




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