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Arbitration > Is Qantas headed that way?

QantasIt’s been 21 days since Qantas resumed flying following that dramatic grounding over its dispute with the unions. But the two groups need to come up with an agreement today.

Qantas this morning, said it’s hopeful of a resolution, while the unions say the current deal goes backwards five months.

So here’s, the deal. The unions last week asked for another 21 day extension to negotiations, while Qantas said it would respond to that ask today. If there’s no agreement, then the case will head to arbitration.

Arbitration is a fast, private and efficient method of private resolution and allows a dispute to be adjudicated by a tribunal familiar with the technicalities specific to the industry, unlike a court.

The result of the arbitration, known as the Award, is enforceable in the same way as a Court judgement.

Whilst quick, the biggest negative, is that the arbitrator may come up with a ruling that both parties aren’t happy with.

There’s still the chance the union may also seek a stay in the Federal Court on the Fair Work Australia decision, which, if it succeeds, would lift the ban on strike action.

Let’s hope not.

The negation deadline, is midnight tonight.




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