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Minties > From hard to soft

There are some foods which remind me of my childhood. Pickled onions, polenta mixed with cabbage and broadbeans, carne vinho e alhos (translated as pork, wine and garlic) and Minties. There’s only one in that list that I’d eat right now if it was to be put in front of me. No, it’s not the … Continue reading

BMW > 1.3m cars recalled

I’m a Honda Civic Sport driver, so it doesn’t affect me, but if you’ve splurged on a BMW 5 or 6 series, then you might want to think about getting it checked out. The German carmaker has issued a recall of all BMW and 6 series cars, made between 2003 and 2010. The recall is … Continue reading

Monorail > End of the line

So when was the last time you popped into Darling Harbour and jumped on the Monorail? You know, that small train in the sky that circles the western part of Sydney’s CBD and Darling Harbour stopping at hotspot tourist destinations like, um, World Square. Ok, to be fair, it does hit Harbourside and Paddy’s Market. … Continue reading

Draw Something > Earn $200m

I found out about Draw Something on Facebook. One of my mates, Dimitri, uploaded some stills of the games he was playing, and they appeared in my news feed. It caught my attention. Then, almost like wildfire, more and more people started saying they were playing the game on Facebook. Now, he game, designed for … Continue reading

Datsun > It’s making a comeback

The first car I ever learned to drive in, was in our family beige Datsun 200B. It really was a magnificent car. A massive steering wheel. Beige interior. Faux woodgrain finishes. That heavy metal exterior. They don’t make cars like they used to. While we had the car until around the early nineties, Nissan decided … Continue reading

Apple > A small bite for shareholders

What would you do if you were in charge of a company with way too much cash? That was the dilemma Apple was facing. It has a stockpile of US$98billion. Many have joked, the tech giant could buy some of the struggling economies in the Eurozone with its overflow of cash, but after years of … Continue reading

Encyclopaedias > Better ornaments than Encarta

I must admit, I was a bit of a nerd growing up. One of the things I loved doing was pulling out my Atlas to check out the world, (Did you know the capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City?) and I would pick one of the volumes of my World Book Encyclopaedia and randomly open … Continue reading

Perth > Expensive offices

If you’re looking to set up an office in Perth, then be prepare to pay top dollar. The city has been touted as one of the world’s rapidly emerging office markets. It is Australia’s most expensive space, holding the highest prime office rent per square metre of $896 per month. Sydney sits at number 10 … Continue reading

Greece > Unemployment record

As Australians ponder a slowly rising unemployment rate, spare a thought for the Greeks. Late tonight, the Hellenic Statistical Authority, Greece’s equivalent to the Bureau of Statistics, revealed data showing the country’s unemployment rate rose to a record 21.0% in December. That’s up from 20.9% in November, and from 14.8% in December 2010. More than … Continue reading

Sydney Cycling > The onus is on the rider

I’m a regular user of Sydney’s Bourke Street cycle path that stretches from Redfern to Woolloomooloo. In my opinion, it’s added to the uniqueness of what I think is Sydney’s most beautiful street. Granted, I never really jumped onto a bike until I moved close the path, but once I did, it really has changed … Continue reading