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Datsun > It’s making a comeback

The first car I ever learned to drive in, was in our family beige Datsun 200B.

It really was a magnificent car. A massive steering wheel. Beige interior. Faux woodgrain finishes. That heavy metal exterior. They don’t make cars like they used to.

While we had the car until around the early nineties, Nissan decided to pull the pin on the manufacture of the Datsun range in 1981 to concentrate on, and streamline its main brand.

That is, until 2014.

The Datsun brand is coming back.

There is huge demand for low cost cars, especially from developing countries. Renuault has its Dacia, VW with Skoda and now Nissan is entering the space with Datsun.

The Japanese carmaker said the brand’s reputation for value and reliability would help it in emerging markets.

There’s the catch. At this stage, Datsun will not be available in Australia, instead the company plans to sell the range from 2014 in Indonesia, Russia and India.

No decision has been made on where the cars will be manufactured, although it’s likely to be in Asia somewhere.

As much as I loved my 200B, even if there’s a modern version, I’m very happy with my black Honda Civic Sport. It has a spoiler, and blue interior mood lights. Doof Doof.




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