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BMW > 1.3m cars recalled

I’m a Honda Civic Sport driver, so it doesn’t affect me, but if you’ve splurged on a BMW 5 or 6 series, then you might want to think about getting it checked out.

The German carmaker has issued a recall of all BMW and 6 series cars, made between 2003 and 2010.

The recall is for 1.3million cars, with most of those coming from the US. Locally, BMW has sold 10,700 vehicles in that recall period, but only 9,000 are on the road currently.

The problem comes for a simple battery cable cover which may have been incorrectly mounted.

There are fears it may overheat and could catch on fire.

At this stage, BMW isn’t aware of any flare ups.

Any owners that are on BMW’s database will be contacted in writing.

Everyone else should contact their local authorised BMW dealer. Repairs will only take 30 minutes and will be free.

While any safety issue should be reported, let’s put this in perspective.

In 2009, Toyota made one of the biggest recalls in history, asking for 9million cars globally to be checked out because of potentially faulty breaks.

BMW hasn’t issued an Australian product recall since 2006. In a recent story on SBS World News Australia, Mike Sinclair from carsales.com.au told me that in 2011, around 200 vehicle related recalls were made in Australia ranging from cars, trucks and bikes. Holden had 9, Mercedes-Benz 3 and Audi 2.

So, BMW has had a clean slate for a while.

Today’s announcement is the only real blimp on the car maker, after a standout 2011, in which it posted a record profit of $6.2billion up 51 per cent in the face of a global economic downturn.

Still, the company is less profitable than Audi, which pulled in $6.8billion last year as Chinese demand surged for the prestige car.




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