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Free iPod nano

nanoNope, it’s not a scam. Apple is sending 1st generation iPod nano owners a brand new iPod music player, because the original is faulty.

The computer company has launched its iPod nano replacement program, because it found, in very rare cases, that the battery in the 1st generation of the music player may overhead and pose a safety risk. While it admits that the possibility of an incident is rate, it concedes the likelihood increases as the battery ages.

Just to make it clear, the 1st generation iPod nano is the one that comes in black or white and has a plastic front and a silver metal back. The later nanos have metal all round.

You’ll have to send your nano to Apple, and wait six months before you receive the brand new model.

To make a claim, you can go to the Apple support page:  http://www.apple.com/support/ipodnano_replacement/

What I find interesting, is despite this danger, Apple’s brand is so strong, that it probably won’t impact the consumer’s choice about buying another Apple product. If anything, the appeal of a new iPod may even add to its goodwill. Then again, how many of us actually still have the 1st generation nano?

Oh by the way, if you’re looking for a cheap 1st generation iPod on eBay to claim the freebie, don’t bother.

There’s only a couple on there that are housed in Australia, with the latest already approaching $70 at auction, at the time of publishing this blog, and the new iPod nano retails for around $129. You do the math.




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