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Jersey Shore > Gold Coast?

I’ve always thought there’d be a market for a trashy Australian version of Jersey Shore.

Get the Greeks together in Melbourne’s Chapel Street for a show called Chap Laps, or the Lebanese in Parramatta for a series named Church Street, or follow the Brazilian tourists in Sydney’s east and dub it Bondi Babes.

But there’s a small chance the makers of the original Jersey Shore may have beaten me to the punch.

In an interview with Hollywoodscoop, Ronnie, one of the cast members, said that he’d like to shoot the next series in Australia, because he’d like to experience the, ahem, culture here. The Situation, another actor, I mean, reality star, also backed him up in an interview with E!Online saying that he’d like to come to Australia because “the girls are hot.”

So, not one to miss on an opportunity, it seems the Queensland government may be getting ready to make a pitch to gain the attention of the Jersey Shore producers.

ninemsn says that Tourism Queensland told it that the body would like to talk with the producers of the show following those comments by Ronnie and The Situation.

A spokesperson said that the Jersey cast may enjoy the Gold Coast’s vibrant nightlife, or Cairns because it was very different from anything else they could experience in the world.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore better get cracking. I think it would be far more interesting to see the likes of Snooki trolling it up Darlinghurst Road in Sydney’s Kings Cross don’t you?

Wonder how long it would take before I’d get bored though and switch back to CNBC or Bloomberg?




2 thoughts on “Jersey Shore > Gold Coast?

  1. It definitely should be in goldcoast! It’s like jersey shore on heat over there!

    Posted by Kylie | January 17, 2012, 10:50 pm


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