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Bonds > Free Birthday Tee Campaign

Bonds has come up with a pretty interesting marketing campaign which caught my attention.

It’s giving away 15,000 personalised t-shirts with birthdays printed on them and in all, more than 35,000 free or discounted tees.

It’s part of what Bonds is calling the “Birthday Project”. It wants to find one person born, every day from 1915, when the brand first appeared, to become Bonds ambassadors. It’s using the theory that Bonds makes clothing for everyone from babies, to teens, to adults, to even the elderly.

So, to claim a free t-shirt with your birthday printed across the chest area, Bonds wants visitors to its website http://wearebonds.com.au to upload a picture of themselves and answer a few questions to claim the tee.

It’s similar to the very successful Share A Coke promotion last year, which featured people’s names on various Coke products to make the product more personal. It’s a move to create an emotional connection with the brand.

It’s the first major campaign from Bonds which actually promotes the brand as a whole, instead of individual products and it comes at a time when its owner, Pacific Brands, is being circled by private equity players trying to takeover the company.

Bonds is a truly iconic Australian brand, competing in a very tough market place.

At one stage, the company manufactured much of its wares in Australia, but then outsourced some of its work to China.

Growing up in Wollongong, much of my family actually worked in the Unanderra and Shellharbour Bonds factories for decades until they were laid off as those fronts closed, and the company shifted work offshore.

While I understand businesses need to make tough decisions to stay competitive, it’s still sad to see these factories wind down. It’s a reflection of what’s being seen across Australia’s manufacturing industry.

Maybe mum, and her two sisters should upload photos and claim t-shirts with the dates they were retrenched.

And for the record, yes, I did claim a tee. My age is no secret 🙂




7 thoughts on “Bonds > Free Birthday Tee Campaign

  1. i have no idea how to claim lol no clear instructions think it may be a con

    Posted by Christine Cairns | February 28, 2012, 7:04 pm
  2. Iam a bonds man

    Posted by Kayle | February 28, 2012, 8:03 pm
  3. is there aproblem with the site ony half shows up you cannot press continue after down loading pic

    Posted by chris | February 29, 2012, 12:16 am

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