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Ericsson > You’ll be missed

My first ever mobile phone was shared with my mum. I think I was just starting high school, and it was an Ericsson G628. It was one of those brick phones with an antenna and more importantly, it had a face plate which you were able to change to suit your style. Hot.

Thinking back, I did have a bit of a love affair with Ericsson mobiles. I remember owning two of the original flip phones in blue and then moved onto the first colour screen phone from Ericsson.

Somewhere along the line, like all of my other mates in high school, I owned one of those little grey Nokia’s with the blue back light, but I eventually returned to Ericsson. Well, Sony Ericsson.

In 2001, Sony and Ericsson formed a joint venture and produced phones like the Walkman series slide out phones, and the K series CyberShot mobiles, which I owned.

But over the past few days, Sony Ericsson dissolved its relationship, with Sony buying out Ericsson in a deal worth around $1.2billion.

As a result, the Ericsson brand on mobiles will be no more, instead, Sony is renaming its mobile division, Sony Mobile Communications.

While I haven’t been back to Ericsson since switching to Blackberry the iPhone, I still feel a sense of loss, thinking about the Ericsson brand, which defined me in my teens. I mean, a phone is a very very personal object. You carry it wherever you go. That Ericsson brand was associated with me as a kid. Now it’s gone.

The Sony Ericsson brand is still quite popular, in fact it’s still in the top 5 globally. But expensive hardware and sloppy software decisions put it behind Apple which now dominates the space.

Now, where did i put my white iPhone?…




2 thoughts on “Ericsson > You’ll be missed

  1. Completely agree! I had all the walkman phones in one version or another, I loved SonyEricsson , a shame the brand will be no more.

    Posted by Chris (@onscarletswalk) | February 23, 2012, 3:48 pm

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