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Solariums > Fading away

Sydney’s chances of luring the Jersey Shore crew to our fair city over the Gold Coast has been quashed, with the state government’s decision to ban solariums from 2014.

Gym, fake tan, laundry anyone?

Yesterday, the NSW government agreed to introduce new laws banning ultraviolet solariums tanning units from December 31 2014.

The Opposition wants to see an immediate ban, but the date was chosen to give existing business a chance to diversify.

It will be interesting to see what kind of compensation these business will receive, because they legally set up shop before the ban. There’s around 100 businesses with 254 commercial tanning units registered in NSW. A sun bed costs around $30,000 each. Some will receive help through the department of Fair Trading and Investment.

Unfortunately for these business, the statistics are against them.

There are approximately 3,500 cases of melanoma made in NSW every year, and the state opposition says solarium use by people under 35 years of age increases their risk of developing melanoma by 98 per cent.

Furthermore, tanning beds are categorised as a Grade One carcinogen by the International Agency for Research in Cancer.

While I’m not a solarium user, I have sparingly in the past.

Would I use it now? Well, probably not, and I haven’t for a few years now. The older you get, the more you realise your mortality. Plus, I’ve got European skin so 20 minutes in the sun makes me look like I’ve been sailing down the Croatian coastline for months.

But part of me thinks, well, if you’re going to ban solariums because of the cancer effects, then what about smoking? Shouldn’t we ban cigarettes? And what about this latest debate on sugar? Should we take sugar products off the shelves?

Current laws stipulate solarium owners fully disclose the dangers of solarium use to their customers, so these people are fully aware of what they’re putting themselves into.

Unfortunately our society is all about instant satisfaction and gratification, and there lies another problem.

What do you think?

Here’s an interesting fact, in 2009 Brazil banned the use of commercial solariums? Developing or advanced country?

Sorry Snooki, you’ll have to bring your own tanning bed to Sydney.




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