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Ties > Necessary at work?

Yes, sometimes television newsreaders do wear shorts when they’re presenting the news.

But, if there is a special interview on set, make no doubt about it, there’ll be pants on, or at the very least jeans.

I’ve let the secret out of the bag because of an interesting article in the papers on the weekend, of Network Ten’s new boss, James Warburton’s new dress-code rule at the station.

It was reported that mid-ranking and senior staff, along with any other executives dealing with the public, wear a neck tie. It’s a move to show that the company is now ‘open for business’ after years of open shirts.

Ten’s going through a bit of an overhaul with its new boss at the helm, and with its share price languishing like so many other media companies, Peter Esho from City Index even touted the possibility of the firm falling victim to private equity.

But on the matter of clothing, is a necktie a necessity for all client based roles?

Remember the controversy sparked by David Koch on Sunrise years ago, when he decided not to wear a tie on air?

I wore uniforms all throughout my schooling life, however, if the truth is to be told, when I’m based in the office, I’m often in respectable, yet casual clothing. I’ll throw a suit and tie on before I go on air.

In the television world, it’s obviously all about what you’re trying to portray. For example, when reading the news on set, I think a conservative tie and suit is appropriate because we’re delivering a serious and straight down the line wrap of the day.

For my RICARDO’S BUSINESS segment on SBS World News Australia Online, I deliver my take on the world of business and finance without a tie. Why? Well, we all know how intimidating, dry and sometimes boring finance can be, so by keeping it casual, I hope that I can entice people to listen and appreciate business news.

On the road when reporting, it’s all about being comfortable. I’m not going to be wrapped up in a suit if it’s 40C outside.

In a business environment though, negotiating business deals and the like, well, a suit and tie is appropriate because it conveys the image that you mean business, especially with people that you don’t know. When money is being spent or invested, the investor likes to know that they can trust the person they’re dealing with. In this instance, a tie and suit is necessary because of the perception.

What do you think?

For the record, I’ve never been on set at Sky News or SBS in shorts….. my legs are to hairy to be seen at work.




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