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Australia > The New Vegemite

We’re happy little Australia’s as bright as bright can be. We all enjoy our Australia’s for breakfast, lunch, and tea.

It doesn’t have the same ring to it hey? But the guys at Kraft are hoping that by renaming “Vegemite” as “Australia”, it’ll give the iconic Aussie spread a new audience.

Kraft is building a marketing campaign around the changing of the Vegemite name temporarily in the led up to Australia day. In a statement, the company said, “Changing Vegemite’s name to Australia for a limited time in the lead up to Australia Day is our way of showing some contemporary Australian pride. It’s about having a bit of fun and celebrating the irreverence of the Australian culture.”

It will also include the stories of ten Australians on the packaging.

But remember what happened in 2009 when Vegemite ran a competition to name its new snack product. It picked “iSnack2.0”. It was ridiculed so much by the public, that the company quickly changed the name to Cheesybite.

Changing labels is a risky marketing technique. Coca Cola in the US recently took a chance with a temporary rebrand of its Coke cans, wrapping it in a white design to celebrate North America’s white Christmas and to raise awareness and funds for the polar bear.

The problem was that too many customers mistook the product for the silver Diet Coke version and weren’t happy.

While the Vegemite, I mean, Australia package will be virtually identical to its original state, it will be interesting to see how the public will perceive the renaming of a product, they feel they own, because of its connection with this country.



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