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No more bunga bunga


What upsets me the most about the pending resignation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is that we’ll hear less of his ‘bunga bunga’ parties.

Political change is starting to sweep across Europe, and not just in the smaller countries either.

Just days ago, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said he was stepping down, and now overnight, the Italian PM said he’ll promise to give up office after parliament passes economic reforms demanded by the European Union next week.

It comes after Berlusconi failed to win a majority in a crucial vote in the lower house.

He adds, that Italy is in a difficult position in terms of the financial markets, and that new and early elections are needed, although that decision rests with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

It will end a tumultuous ride for Berlusconi in politics. He first became PM in 1994 for only seven months before his coalition crumbled and then led the nation again in 2001 until 2006 in what was the longest post-Second World War government in Italian history. He returned to power in 2008. He’s also survived 51 votes of confidence.

The billionaire made his money mainly through his media assets, launching Telemilano which later became Mediaset. He also owns AC Milan among other things.

But what Berlusconi will be remembered for are the scandals which followed him, including bribing allegations and those of his womanising ways. Especially his infamous ‘bunga bunga’ parties, or after-dinner sex games. Then there were those allegations of paid underage sex.

I doubt the scandals will leave Berlusconi even after he leaves the PM office.




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