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VB = Very Bogan


I didn’t need a report to tell me that “VB” is these days perceived as a bogan brand. The only person that I know that drinks it doesn’t anymore. Dad used to buy it, around 15 years ago and he’s no bogan, he’s a wog in the purest sense. It’s interesting how the VB brand perception, has also changed over time. Dad has since switched to more boutique brands.

But what I didn’t know was that VB still commands a 17 per cent share of the beer market according to researcher IBISWorld. While it’s taken a 22 per cent hit in the past four years, that’s still a decent share of the market.

The company though, is gearing up for a $5million summer advertising campaign to educate customers on how to properly cool its beer to hopefully boost sales.

I’ll stick to my Pure Blonde thanks, or even better still, my vodka soda. Why? Less carbs and sugar.

And that’s precisely the trend IBISWorld has found in Australia.

Beer now makes up just 44 per cent of total alcohol consumption, down from 76 per cent in the 1960s, wine forms 37 per cent, and spirits 19 per cent.

Of those of us drinking beer, we’re become more sophisticated and choosing cider, premium and imported beer or switching to ‘healthier and lighter alternatives’.

Aussies have spent $120million on boutique, or craft beers as they’re known, and that market is expected to surge to $290million in five years.

But I wouldn’t feel too sorry for VB owner Foster’s. The company owns the boutique brand Matilda Bay which makes the Fat Yak and Big Helda brews, and is enjoying some of the benefits of the run up in craft beer popularity.

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